Applications Versions

This internal endpoint allows you to create applications versions to be referenced in add-ons manifests. It requires authentication and a special permission.

The currently available applications versions are listed on a dedicated page:

When a valid request is made to this endpoint, AMO will create the requested version if it didn’t exist, and also attempt to create a corresponding minimum and maximum versions. The minimum version will use the major number and minor version from the requested version, and the maximum version will use the major version and *.


Regardless of what application is passed in the URL, this endpoint will always create versions for both Firefox and Firefox For Android.

Versions that already exist will be skipped.

  • A request to /api/v5/applications/firefox/42.0/ will create versions 42.0 and 42.*.

  • A request to /api/v5/applications/firefox/42.0a1/ will create versions 42.0, 42.0a1, and 42.*.

  • A request to /api/v5/applications/firefox/42.0.1/ will create versions 42.0 and 42.0.1. 42.*.

PUT /api/v5/applications/(string: application)/(string: version)/


param application

The application

param version

The version of the application, e.g. 42.0


No response body will be returned on success.

statuscode 201

one or more application versions were created.

statuscode 202

the request was valid but no new versions were created.

statuscode 400

the application or version parameters were invalid.

statuscode 401

authentication failed.

statuscode 403

insufficient permissions to perform this action.