Installation with Docker machine

Creating the docker-machine vm

Your first step is to create a vm - this step assumes we’re using virtualbox as the driver:

docker-machine create --driver=virtualbox addons-dev

Then you can export the variables so that docker-compose can talk to the docker service. This command will tell you how to do that:

docker-machine env addons-dev

On a mac it’s a case of running:

eval $(docker-machine env addons-dev)

Now you have the vm running you can follow the standard docker instructions: Install with Docker

Accessing the web-server with docker-machine

If you’re using docker-machine, you can get the ip like so:

docker-machine ip addons-dev


If you’re still using boot2docker then the command is boot2docker ip. At this point you can look at installing docker-toolbox and migrating your old boot2docker vm across to running via docker-machine. See docker-toolbox for more info.

Now you can connect to port 80 of that ip address. Here’s an example (your ip might be different):


docker-machine hands out IP addresses as each VM boots; your IP addresses can change over time. You can find out which IP is in use using docker-machine ip [machine name]