Download SourcesΒΆ

When requesting an add-on file URL, clients have the option to indicate what is the source of the request. This will then be used to group by downloads by sources in the add-on statistics page.

To indicate the source, add the src query parameter to the download URL. The following values are recognized:

Name Description
api Add-ons Manager
discovery-promo Add-ons Manager Promo
discovery-featured Add-ons Manager Featured
discovery-learnmore Add-ons Manager Learn More
ss Search Suggestions
search Search Results
homepagepromo Homepage Promo
hp-btn-promo Homepage Promo
hp-dl-promo Homepage Promo
hp-hc-featured Homepage Featured
hp-dl-featured Homepage Featured
hp-hc-upandcoming Homepage Up and Coming
hp-dl-upandcoming Homepage Up and Coming
hp-dl-mostpopular Homepage Most Popular
dp-btn-primary Detail Page
dp-btn-version Detail Page (bottom)
addondetail Detail Page
addon-detail-version Detail Page (bottom)
dp-btn-devchannel Detail Page (Development Channel)
oftenusedwith Often Used With
dp-hc-oftenusedwith Often Used With
dp-dl-oftenusedwith Often Used With
dp-hc-othersby Others By Author
dp-dl-othersby Others By Author
dp-hc-dependencies Dependencies
dp-dl-dependencies Dependencies
dp-hc-upsell Upsell
dp-dl-upsell Upsell
developers Meet the Developer
userprofile User Profile
version-history Version History
sharingapi Sharing
category Category Pages
collection Collections
cb-hc-featured Category Landing Featured Carousel
cb-dl-featured Category Landing Featured Carousel
cb-hc-toprated Category Landing Top Rated
cb-dl-toprated Category Landing Top Rated
cb-hc-mostpopular Category Landing Most Popular
cb-dl-mostpopular Category Landing Most Popular
cb-hc-recentlyadded Category Landing Recently Added
cb-dl-recentlyadded Category Landing Recently Added
cb-btn-featured Browse Listing Featured Sort
cb-dl-featured Browse Listing Featured Sort
cb-btn-users Browse Listing Users Sort
cb-dl-users Browse Listing Users Sort
cb-btn-rating Browse Listing Rating Sort
cb-dl-rating Browse Listing Rating Sort
cb-btn-created Browse Listing Created Sort
cb-dl-created Browse Listing Created Sort
cb-btn-name Browse Listing Name Sort
cb-dl-name Browse Listing Name Sort
cb-btn-popular Browse Listing Popular Sort
cb-dl-popular Browse Listing Popular Sort
cb-btn-updated Browse Listing Updated Sort
cb-dl-updated Browse Listing Updated Sort
cb-btn-hotness Browse Listing Up and Coming Sort
cb-dl-hotness Browse Listing Up and Coming Sort
find-replacement Find replacement service for obsolete add-ons