These APIs are experimental and are currently being worked on. Endpoints may change without warning.

Category List

Categories are defined by a name, a slug, a type and an application. Slugs are only guaranteed to be unique for a given app and type combination, and can therefore be re-used for different categories.

This endpoint is not paginated.

GET /api/v3/addons/categories/
Response JSON Object:
  • id (int) – The category id.
  • name (string) – The category name. Returns the already translated string.
  • slug (string) – The category slug. See csv table for more possible values.
  • application (string) – Application, see add-on application for more details.
  • misc (boolean) – Whether or not the category is miscellaneous.
  • type (string) – Category type, see add-on type for more details.
  • weight (int) – Category weight used in sort ordering.
  • description (string) – The category description. Returns the already translated string.

Current categories

Name Slug Type Application
Alerts & Updates alerts-updates extension firefox
Appearance appearance extension firefox
Bookmarks bookmarks extension firefox
Download Management download-management extension firefox
Feeds, News & Blogging feeds-news-blogging extension firefox
Games & Entertainment games-entertainment extension firefox
Language Support language-support extension firefox
Photos, Music & Videos photos-music-videos extension firefox
Privacy & Security privacy-security extension firefox
Search Tools search-tools extension firefox
Shopping shopping extension firefox
Social & Communication social-communication extension firefox
Tabs tabs extension firefox
Web Development web-development extension firefox
Other other extension firefox
Animals animals theme firefox
Compact compact theme firefox
Large large theme firefox
Miscellaneous miscellaneous theme firefox
Modern modern theme firefox
Nature nature theme firefox
OS Integration os-integration theme firefox
Retro retro theme firefox
Sports sports theme firefox
General general dictionary firefox
Bookmarks bookmarks search firefox
Business business search firefox
Dictionaries & Encyclopedias dictionaries-encyclopedias search firefox
General general search firefox
Kids kids search firefox
Multiple Search multiple-search search firefox
Music music search firefox
News & Blogs news-blogs search firefox
Photos & Images photos-images search firefox
Shopping & E-Commerce shopping-e-commerce search firefox
Social & People social-people search firefox
Sports sports search firefox
Travel travel search firefox
Video video search firefox
General general language firefox
Abstract abstract persona firefox
Causes causes persona firefox
Fashion fashion persona firefox
Film and TV film-and-tv persona firefox
Firefox firefox persona firefox
Foxkeh foxkeh persona firefox
Holiday holiday persona firefox
Music music persona firefox
Nature nature persona firefox
Other other persona firefox
Scenery scenery persona firefox
Seasonal seasonal persona firefox
Solid solid persona firefox
Sports sports persona firefox
Websites websites persona firefox
Appearance and Customization appearance extension thunderbird
Calendar and Date/Time calendar extension thunderbird
Chat and IM chat extension thunderbird
Contacts contacts extension thunderbird
Folders and Filters folders-and-filters extension thunderbird
Import/Export importexport extension thunderbird
Language Support language-support extension thunderbird
Message Composition composition extension thunderbird
Message and News Reading message-and-news-reading extension thunderbird
Miscellaneous miscellaneous extension thunderbird
Privacy and Security privacy-and-security extension thunderbird
Tags tags extension thunderbird
Compact compact theme thunderbird
Miscellaneous miscellaneous theme thunderbird
Modern modern theme thunderbird
Nature nature theme thunderbird
General general dictionary thunderbird
General general language thunderbird
Bookmarks bookmarks extension seamonkey
Downloading and File Management downloading-and-file-management extension seamonkey
Interface Customizations interface-customizations extension seamonkey
Language Support and Translation language-support-and-translation extension seamonkey
Miscellaneous miscellaneous extension seamonkey
Photos and Media photos-and-media extension seamonkey
Privacy and Security privacy-and-security extension seamonkey
RSS, News and Blogging rss-news-and-blogging extension seamonkey
Search Tools search-tools extension seamonkey
Site-specific site-specific extension seamonkey
Web and Developer Tools web-and-developer-tools extension seamonkey
Miscellaneous miscellaneous theme seamonkey
General general dictionary seamonkey
General general language seamonkey
Device Features & Location device-features-location extension android
Experimental experimental extension android
Feeds, News, & Blogging feeds-news-blogging extension android
Performance performance extension android
Photos & Media photos-media extension android
Security & Privacy security-privacy extension android
Shopping shopping extension android
Social Networking social-networking extension android
Sports & Games sports-games extension android
User Interface user-interface extension android