These APIs are experimental and are currently being worked on. Endpoints may change without warning. The only authentication method available at the moment is the internal one.

Add-on Detail

This endpoint allows you to retrieve the details of an add-on. It is the same as the regular add-on detail API, but that endpoint may have its scope reduced to public add-ons and add-ons you own in the future. If you need to access add-ons you do not own or that have been deleted and you have sufficient permissions use this endpoint.


Unlisted or non-public add-ons require authentication and either reviewer permissions or a user account listed as a developer of the add-on.

GET /api/v3/addons/addon/(int:id|string:slug|string:guid)/
Query Parameters:
  • lang (string) – Activate translations in the specific language for that query. (See translated fields)
Response JSON Object:
  • id (int) – The add-on id on AMO.
  • authors (array) – Array holding information about the authors for the add-on.
  • authors[].id (int) – The id for an author.
  • authors[].name (string) – The name for an author.
  • authors[].url (string) – The link to the profile page for an author.
  • average_daily_users (int) – The average number of users for the add-on per day.
  • categories (object) – Object holding the categories the add-on belongs to.
  • categories[app_name] (array) – Array holding the category slugs the add-on belongs to for a given add-on application. (Combine with the add-on type to determine the name of the category).
  • compatibility (object) – Object detailing the add-on add-on application and version compatibility.
  • compatibility[app_name].max (object) – Maximum version of the corresponding app the add-on is compatible with.
  • compatibility[app_name].min (object) – Minimum version of the corresponding app the add-on is compatible with.
  • current_beta_version (object) – Object holding the current beta version of the add-on, if it exists. For performance reasons the license and release_notes fields are omitted.
  • current_version (object) – Object holding the current version of the add-on. For performance reasons the license and release_notes fields are omitted.
  • default_locale (string) – The add-on default locale for translations.
  • description (string|object|null) – The add-on description (See translated fields).
  • edit_url (string) – The URL to the developer edit page for the add-on.
  • guid (string) – The add-on extension identifier.
  • has_eula (boolean) – The add-on has an End-User License Agreement that the user needs to agree with before installing (See add-on EULA and privacy policy).
  • has_privacy_policy (boolean) – The add-on has a Privacy Policy (See add-on EULA and privacy policy).
  • homepage (string|object|null) – The add-on homepage (See translated fields).
  • icon_url (string) – The URL to icon for the add-on (including a cachebusting query string).
  • is_disabled (boolean) – Whether the add-on is disabled or not.
  • is_experimental (boolean) – Whether the add-on has been marked by the developer as experimental or not.
  • is_listed (boolean) – Whether the add-on is listed or not.
  • is_source_public (boolean) – Whether the add-on source is publicly viewable or not.
  • name (string|object|null) – The add-on name (See translated fields).
  • last_updated (string) – The date of the last time the add-on was updated by its developer(s).
  • previews (array) – Array holding information about the previews for the add-on.
  • previews[].id (int) – The id for a preview.
  • previews[].caption (string|object|null) – The caption describing a preview (See translated fields).
  • previews[].image_url (string) – The URL (including a cachebusting query string) to the preview image.
  • previews[].thumbnail_url (string) – The URL (including a cachebusting query string) to the preview image thumbnail.
  • public_stats (boolean) – Boolean indicating whether the add-on stats are public or not.
  • ratings (object) – Object holding ratings summary information about the add-on.
  • ratings.count (int) – The number of user ratings for the add-on.
  • ratings.average (float) – The average user rating for the add-on.
  • review_url (string) – The URL to the review page for the add-on.
  • slug (string) – The add-on slug.
  • status (string) – The add-on status.
  • summary (string|object|null) – The add-on summary (See translated fields).
  • support_email (string|object|null) – The add-on support email (See translated fields).
  • support_url (string|object|null) – The add-on support URL (See translated fields).
  • tags (array) – List containing the text of the tags set on the add-on.
  • theme_data (object) – Object holding lightweight theme (Persona) data. Only present for themes (Persona).
  • type (string) – The add-on type.
  • url (string) – The (absolute) add-on detail URL.
  • weekly_downloads (int) – The number of downloads for the add-on per week.

Internal Login JSON API

The JSON API login flow is initiated by accessing the start endpoint which will add an fxa_state to the user’s session and redirect them to Firefox Accounts. When the user finishes authenticating with Firefox Accounts they will be redirected to the client application which can make a request to the login endpoint to exchange the Firefox Accounts token and state for a JWT.

GET /api/v3/internal/accounts/login/start/
  • to (string) – A path to append to the state. The state will be returned from FxA as state:path, the path will be URL safe base64 encoded.
Status Codes:
  • 302 Found – Redirect user to Firefox Accounts.