These APIs are experimental and are currently being worked on. Endpoints may change without warning.

Discovery Content

This endpoint allows you to fetch content for the new Discovery Pane in Firefox (about:addons).

GET /api/v3/discovery/
Response JSON Object:
  • count (int) – The number of results for this query.
  • results (array) – The array containing the results for this query.
  • results[].heading (string) – The heading for this item. May contain some HTML tags.
  • results[].description (string|null) – The description for this item, if any. May contain some HTML tags.
  • results[].addon (object) – The add-on for this item. Only a subset of fields are present: id, current_version (with only the compatibility and files fields present), guid, icon_url, name, slug, theme_data, type and url.